Project documents

Project documents
1.Overall project

1.1 Review of the state of the knowledge on child institutional abuse and its long term effects, the legal framework concerning terms of crimes’ prescription, measures of protection and compensation of adult survivors and, if any, role of restorative justice, specific measure related to the context of the crime, and so on.

1.1.1 JFMR report Ireland (pdf) – (annex).    1.1.2 National report Italy (pdf).

1.1.3 National report Romania (pdf).             1.1.4 National report Greece (pdf).

1.2 D. Bianchi Comparative Analysis. Current knowledge on child abuse and neglect in institutions: Italy, Romania, Ireland, Greece (pdf)

1.3 SASCA The Voice of Survivors. Survey with Survivors within SASCA project (pdf)

1.4 SASCA Report Survey with Professionals in Italy, Romania, Greece and Ireland (pdf)

1.5 SASCA Guidelines for intervention with survivors of institutional maltreatment (pdf)

2. Romania

2.1 Maria Roth, Imola Antal, Eva Laszlo, David-kacso Agnes, Rozalia  Pocsai-Szasz Life-stories of young people who lived through contemporary Romanian residential homes. Results of surveying professionals. BABEȘ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY (pdf).

2.2 Dora Călian Institutional Child Abuse: Legal Framework in Romania BABEȘ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY

2.2.1 Variantă Român: Dora Călian. Abuzul instituțional al copilului: Cadrul Legal UNIVERSITATE BABEȘ-BOLYAI (pdf).

2.2.2 English Version: Dora Călian. Institutional Child Abuse: Legal Framework in Romania BABEȘ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY (pdf).

2.3 Antal Imola, Dávid Kacsó Ágnes, Roth Maria, László Éva, Mureșan Anca, Szász Rozália. Expunerea la violență a persoanelor care au copilărit în instituții rezidențiale de protecție a copiilor. Analiza rezultatelor interviurilor. BABEŞ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY (pdf).

2.4 Roth Maria, Éva László Bodrogi, Imola Antal, Dávid Kacsó Ágnes, Dora Călian  Atitudinea angajaților din sistemul de protecție a copilului față de violența împotriva copiilor aflați în îngrijire instituțională BABEŞ-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY (pdf)

2.5 Maria Roth, Imola Antal, Ágnes Dávid‑Kacsó, Éva László‑Bodrogi, Anca Mureşan. Violence and Trauma in the Romanian Residential Child Protection. Revista de Asistenţă Socială, anul XVII, nr. 3/2018, pp. 33‑52 (pdf)

2.6 Romanian Preliminary Report: Survivors’ experience of violence in child protection institutions BABES-BOLYAI UNIVERSITY, CLUJ-NAPOCA (pdf).

2.7 Roth Maria, Éva László Bodrogi, Imola Antal, Dávid Kacsó Ágnes, Dora Călian. Professionals’ attitudes to violence in residential care of children in Romania. The analysis of the results of the self-administrated questionnaires and interviews with justice operators UNIVERSITATEA BABES-BOLYAI, CLUJ-NAPOCA (pdf).

3. Italy

3.1 Artemisia Onlus. Report on survey with stakeholders. November 2017. (pdf).

3.2 Artemisia Onlus – Il Forteto History (pdf)

3.3 Artemisia Onlus – Survey with survivors of child abuse in institutional settings (pdf)

4. Greece

4.1 Institute of Child Health – Department of Mental Health and Social Welfare  A Deeper Analysis of Greek Framework (pdf)

5. Ireland

5.1 SASCA Ireland. Legal Context: Ireland. JFMR, WIT (pdf)

5.2 Video Animating Place: A practice-based performance project exploring themes of institutional abuse in the South-Est of Ireland