21/02/2019 / English

SASCA Proposals to European Parliamentarian

The symposium “Institutional Child Abuse: an Hidden Phenomenon Prevention, Recognition of Institutional Responsibility and Response to Victims”, took place the...
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02/02/2019 / English

SASCA Symposium in the European Parliament

SASCA partners organized on 7th February 2019 in the European Parliament the Symposium Institutional child abuse: an hidden phenomenon. Prevention,...
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02/02/2019 / English

Conference “Children mistreated in residential care facilities”

On 30th January 2019 in Rome took place the SASCA conference Children mistreated in residential care facilities: individual trauma and...
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02/02/2019 / Italiano

Conferenza “Bambini e bambine maltrattati nelle istituzioni di tutela”

Il 30 gennaio 2019 si è svolta a Roma la conferenza SASCA Bambini e bambine maltrattati nelle istituzioni di tutela:...
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27/01/2019 / English

SASCA Conference in Rome

The 30th January in the Chamber of Deputes in Rome takes place the Conference Children Mistreated in Care Institutions: individual...
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13/12/2018 / English

Steps forward on acknowledge of public responsibility on Forteto events

One of SASCA main objectives is to promote awareness on the importance of acknowledge of public responsibility and moral compensation...
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15/10/2018 / English

Symposium in Ireland on Clann Project and findings of the SASCA research

Over the past three years, Justice for Magdalenes Research (JFMR) and Adoption Rights Alliance (ARA) have been working in conjunction...
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11/09/2018 / English

Italian Senate approval of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on institutional responsibilities related to Il Forteto events

The 11th September 2018 the Italian senate approved with 266 votes in favour and no vote against, the establishment of...
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08/08/2018 / Italiano

Seminario SASCA al XXII Convegno Internazionale dell’ISPCAN

I partner del progetto SASCA terranno un seminario al XXII Convegno internazionale dell'ISPCAN che si svolgerà Praga dal 2 al...
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25/07/2018 / English

Italy: shock for the release of 30 years of child abuses’ guilty. Social protest and political proposals

#iostoconlevittime The sentence for minors’ abuse and mistreatment to 15 years and 10 months of prison to the leader of...
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01/06/2018 / English

SASCA Symposium at the ISPCAN XXII International congress

SASCA partners will present a symposium at the ISPCAN XXII International congress of Prague that will occur from 2 to 5...
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20/05/2018 / English

Judicial procedure reduces the possibility for some victims to get compensation

At the "Fiesoli bis" trial, a sequel of the main trial, the victim will not be able to receive compensation...
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20/05/2018 / Italiano

Caso Forteto: procedura giudiziaria riduce la possibilità per alcune vittime di ottenere risarcimenti

Al processo “Fiesoli bis” una costola del processo principale, la vittima non avrà la possibilità di ricevere risarcimenti dal Forteto....
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13/02/2018 / English

New Zealand announces major inquiry into child abuse in state care

We report The Guardian article on the New Zealand announcement about the establishment of a inquiry into child abuse in...
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16/01/2018 / English

After the judgment of the Court of Cassation Artemisia, Abitare Solidale and the Mugello’s local institutions expect for a change

The Artemisa Association together with other organizations working in support to victims, declare that the Court of Cassation ruling on...
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16/01/2018 / Italiano

Dopo la Sentenza della Cassazione Artemisia, Abitare Solidale e le Istituzioni locali del Mugello auspicano una svolta

L’Associazione Artemisa assieme ad altre realtà che lavorano sul territorio a sostegno delle vittime, a seguito della sentenza della cassazione...
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11/01/2018 / Italiano

La Corte di Cassazione conferma le condanne per la vicenda del Forteto

Il 21 Dicembre 2017 la corte di cassazione ha confermato quasi tutte le sentenze sulla vicenda del Forteto. Il fondatore...
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11/01/2018 / English

High Court confirms sentences about Forteto event

The 21th December 2017 the Italian High Court confirms almost all sentences about Forteto event. The leader of the Community...
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29/09/2017 / English

Seminar “Beyond the Forteto horrors”

Tuesday 10th October 2017 in Florence the seminar “Beyond the Forteto horrors” will be carried out in the Brunelleschi hall...
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29/09/2017 / Italiano

Seminario “Oltre gli orrori del Forteto”

Martedì 10 ottobre 2017 a Firenze si terrà il seminario "Oltre gli orrori del Forteto" presso il Salone Brunelleschi dell'Istituto...
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10/09/2017 / Italiano

Il Papa riceve una delegazione di vittime del Forteto

Delegazione di vittime del Forteto ricevuta dal Papa
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10/09/2017 / English

A group of Forteto’s victims received by the Pope

Forteto's victims received by the Pope
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