Italian Senate approval of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on institutional responsibilities related to Il Forteto events

The 11th September 2018 the Italian senate approved with 266 votes in favour and no vote against, the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry on the facts of Forteto, the community in which child mistreatment and abuses was committed throughout 30 years.

The task of the Commission is to verify responsibilities and institutional complicity regarding the management of the community itself and the assignments of minors.

The Commission shall examine the management of the community “Il Forteto” from its establishment until today, in particular the facts and reasons why public administrations and judicial authorities concerned, including those with supervision functions, continued to accredit as an institutional interlocutor the community “Il Forteto”, even after the judicial measures concerning sexual abuses and mistreatment referred to conduct within the “Il Forteto “.

The commission shall also verify the convenience to put under external administration the productive component of the structure «Il Forteto», that is the agricultural cooperative, for the purpose of a management dissociated from the community for the recovery of minors in foster care, as well as for the purpose to achieve as soon as possible payments of interim compensation for victims.

In order to prevent that what happened may be repeated, the Commission has also the task of making proposals for the adoption of new tools of control of residential communities and to strength the system of controls on the subjects responsible for minors’ custody and, when responsibilities and negligence have arisen, how to apply the appropriate sanctions.

To establish the Commission it is required the approval of the Chamber of Deputies too.