Italy: shock for the release of 30 years of child abuses’ guilty. Social protest and political proposals


The sentence for minors’ abuse and mistreatment to 15 years and 10 months of prison to the leader of the Forteto Community was confirmed by Italian High Court the 21th December 2017, but the 5th July 2018 he was released because of a procedural issue. The trial revealed 30 years of terrible mistreatments and abuses suffered by children fostered inside Il Forteto. With the new decision Fiesoli is out of jail until the sentence will be redefined by a court.

The release shocked the public opinion and leads to a protest on socialsstarted by victims and followed by Artemisia and then numerous people with the hashtag #iostoconlevittime.

Local municipalities declare that this decision worsen again the pain and suffering for victims, their families and the Mugello territory. The NGO Artemisia supporting the victims through SASCA project, advocate since years the need of discontinuity inside the Forteto. Artemisia and local institutions restate the necessity to put under external administration the farm cooperative where some victims still work, because condemned and blamed of statue barred crimes maintain roles in the management. Also the trade union CGIL, that previously relied on the process of adjustment on the cooperative management, now endorse this point of view and declares that the fundamental functions are still under Forteto community control.

At national level MPs presenting a parliamentarian request to establish a national commission for an inquiry on the situation of children in residential care and propose to define a specific crime for institutional abuse. The request to put into external administration the Forteto cooperative was submitted to the Minister of Economic Development.