SASCA Symposium at the ISPCAN XXII International congress

SASCA partners will present a symposium at the ISPCAN XXII International congress of Prague that will occur from 2 to 5 September 2018.

The congress is organized by the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. ISPCAN founded in 1977, is the only multidisciplinary international organization that brings together a worldwide cross-section of committed professionals to work toward the prevention and treatment of child abuse, neglect and exploitation globally.

At the Prague congress SASCA Partners will present a symposium that includes five papers addressing a common theme related to the project with the title Institutional ill-treatment: the path for healing. Case studies from “SASCA” an European project. 

The Symposium gathers researchers from Italy, Ireland, Romania and Greece participating in the EU-funded project “Support to Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in institutional settings -SASCA” and will focus specific issues related to developmental trauma in the framework of the healing work with adult survivors of child abuse in institutional settings, particularly in residential care,  such as the recognition of institutional system’s responsibilities.

The papers are based on project’s results viz. (i) mapping of current situation in involved countries (ii) therapeutic pilot intervention. All survivors were exposed to multiple traumatic, invasive and interpersonal events, with a wide-ranging, long-term impact on their life. Such traumatic experiences disrupt firstly children’s, later on in life, adults’ ability to form attachments with others and make regulation of emotions and behavior extremely difficult. As for many of the survivors disclosure of such traumatic experiences was possible only when they have reached adulthood, such delay and its consequent implications in making justice represents an additional difficulty in their emotional and social life.

Read here symposium and papers contents.