Steps forward on acknowledge of public responsibility on Forteto events

One of SASCA main objectives is to promote awareness on the importance of acknowledge of public responsibility and moral compensation in cases of institutional abuse.

Artemisia, the Forteto Victims’ Association and Italians partners of the project, has worked hardly on this aim about Forteto events, the community in which child mistreatment and abuses was committed throughout 30 years.

We consider a step in this direction the announcement that before Christmas the Italian parliament will discuss about all the law’s proposals for the implementation of a parliamentary inquiry commission about Forteto events.

Another decision moving in this way was recently taken by local institutions in Tuscany where Forteto’s community is still hosted: the government of Tuscany Region, the union of the Mugello’s municipalities and the public consortium for local social and healthcare planning (SDS) approved a collaboration for public compensation to Forteto’s victims, to be implemented by a collaboration between public institutions and private organizations with social purposes. The agreement includes a 300.000 euros fund for its implementation to be expended in three years.